Meet the Team behind CSD Productions


Having extensive experience in all types of creative video content, from documentaries to commercials, corporate, educational or online social media, our team bring to life your ideas in ways you may not have imagined possible.

You rely on us to be the best at what we do, as that reflects on your organisation or brand. That is why we have a phenomenally gifted group of creative geniuses at your total disposal.

They will guide you through each stage of production from initial concepts through to completed videos, web optimisation and distribution.

The boss and world class drone pilot. Likes to think he knows how to use a camera whilst looking after all the business operations

Typically found in our edit suite or behind a camera, almost never in front. Beth is the real boss around here

Normally found dangling from a tree or equally perilous structure. Looks after all our rigging & grip and keeps us safe on set or location

Technology geek who helps us bring the latest & best tech to our filming as well as perfectly directing all the moving parts of our live broadcasts 

Previously found producing and mixing  for a record label, Alex is now found bringing our videos to life with music. Creative genius of the group

Joe is most at home looking at the world through a lens, capturing intimate and special moments that we are not normally documented or captured on film.

Sarah is the world’s friendliest scouser who works her magic to make everyone look their best, or mortally wounded, or a zombie

He may not look it, but Patrick is our camera ninja who can cinematically capture anything and make you compelled to watch